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ROOT IT is an established Infrastructure and Telecommunication services provider specialized in designing, implementing and maintaining network infrastructure. We build quality infrastructure using the best available technology to ensure that what we do meets or exceeds the highest standards.

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Building the next generation telecommunication infrastructure 

We build quality infrastructure using the best available technology to ensure that what we do meet or exceed the highest standards.

We are committed to delivering high quality projects and passionate about sharing our expertise in providing our clients with quality management systems that meet the highest global standards.

Brief History

Founded in 2013, ROOT IT is a professional distributor of industry-leading equipment, specializing in the domains of Energy, Security/Surveillance systems, Information Technology,Telecommunications and Installation assistance solutions for businesses.

Dedicated to providing class-leading products and solutions that is second to none, ROOT IT focuses on addressing a wide range of IT issues ranging from responding to high demands in equipment to providing the most technical installation assistance for your business. As an energy-saving solutions provider with core competencies in power electronics and automation, ROOT IT's business categories include Power Electronics, Security/Surveillance,Telecommunications and Infrastructure.

With an uncluttered focus on understanding the ever-changing requirements in each industry, ROOT IT is capitally placed to provide technology to fulfil the present and future demands of its users.

With an understanding of the requirements and expectations of our end-users, ROOT IT is able to supply the most energy-efficient power products in the power industry, including switching power supplies with efficiency over 90%, telecom power with energy-efficiency up to 98%, and PV inverters with up to 98.8% efficiency.

Because we sell to a global audience, we have partners in all corners of the globe including West and Central Africa, Taiwan, China, Europe, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and the U.S who help us realize our mission of providing products that meet our customers’ needs.



why choose Us


Our mission at ROOT IT is to provide Information Technology For All by providing businesses with wide-ranging, innovative, convenient and cost-efficient products that contribute considerably to the sustainable development of their businesses.


Our core competence is built on the composition of networking, voice, and security solutions in complex and demanding environments involving multiple communications and security media and multiple business locations. We concentrate on defined areas that are integral to all businesses.


A company's existing data network can be used to carry voice, data, Internet, and security traffic to multiple internal and cloud solution providers. By integrating these applications, ROOT IT is able to streamline overall cost by offering immediate significant revenues, security, and savings to any company's bottom line.


Remote management of the entire voice, data, and security network makes high-tech solutions easy and affordable to any business. ROOT IT increases standardization across a client’s network to effectively reduce the amount of networking equipment required and moderate complexities for ongoing maintenance.


We have an extensive experience in complex voice, data, and security systems across networks and have advanced expertise in deploying and supporting converged network solutions.


Our expert engineering team is experienced and highly skilled at everything from telecommunications Infrastructure design, construction, operation and maintenance.

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